Monday, July 19, 2010

VW Up Concept will be VW Lupo at 2011

Volkswagen (VW) has ever had a city car concept called the VW Up Concept. Tiny and unique shapes. Maybe this car deserves to be called retro modern design brings. And the good news is the city car will soon be mass produced with a VW Lupo.

Yet still there are differences, the most striking is the change from rear-wheel drive systems to the front wheels. The car is scheduled to debut next year in Europe, is planned to carry a small engine.

There are two options, first with a 1000cc 65 hp power and other options is a 1200 cc engine common-rail diesel engine with an output of 75 hp. This diesel engine will use technology to reduce CO2 emissions BlueMotion, claimed to be able to break the under 80 grams per km.

In addition to its launch plans next year, in the year 2012 Lupo also scheduled to be produced in the five-door versions. Special five-door version with the ability to carry more passengers, the engine power was increased. Although still going to stick with 1000cc petrol engine but with its output reaching 85 hp turbocharged and direct-injection doping.


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