Thursday, August 9, 2012

American manufacturer Chevrolet Re-Invest in Indonesia

American manufacturer Chevrolet Re-Invest in Indonesia
American manufacturer Chevrolet Re-Invest in Indonesia
As reported on otodetik, the American manufacturer Chevrolet had closed their factory in six years ago in Indonesia. But in 2011 General Motors decided to back and put the investment in Indonesia worth U.S. $ 150 million to open another factory in the country.

This make a question that must be answered that is thus the influence of the European crisis, which makes automotive America manufacturers Chevrolet ready to pull from Europe?

The economic of Indonesia which keep growing become the reason why the speculation of the question above is contradicted by General Motor Indonesia as he said on otodetik.

"Investing for the European crisis? Oh no. We should also see the beginnings of the crisis in Europe when. And the investment of it is not possible in a brief, but it takes a long time until we wear out it's worth, so there is no connection with crisis in Europe, "said Director of Marketing GM Indonesia, Yuniadi Haksono Hartono in Jakarta.

Yuniardi feel fortunate to Indonesia's economy continues to grow, thus stimulating the investors coming to invest.

"Our economy is also predicted to increase from since long. Because it takes a long time, and we fortune our economy continues to rise, we rise even higher for the ASEAN region," said Yuniardi.

"So it was to attract investors to come to Indonesia. And do not rule out the possibility for General Motors," he added.

Yuniardi can also predict when a American Manufacturer Chevrolet plant in Indonesia has been working, then it could be a positive value to Chevrolet in Indonesia.

"First, about the volume of sales can be increased, the Second, this plant can reproduce the labor force. Third, the more local content is used, and the fourth, of the future of Indonesia will be better," lid Yuniardi.

Above picture is the first car of General Motor Indonesia.


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