Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chevrolete Volt Ready to buy

Electric cars that have long awaited by U.S. citizen Chevrolet Volt finally available in the market.

GM's first electric car will be sold in six U.S. states with prices around U.S. $ 41,000 or approximately Rp 369 million

Now for Americans who buy Volt will get a subsidy payment of taxes up to U.S. $ 7,500. However, U.S. electric car is still inferior to Japanese cars from the Nissan Leaf, which sold at Rp 300 million.

U.S. President Barack Obama could get a chance for testing the Chevrolet Volt Electric in mid-July of this when visiting the factory in Michigan.

Volt can travel a distance of about 340 miles. In the first 40-mile Volt uses electricity, and when the battery would run out Volt uses a gasoline engine to travel as far as 300 miles.


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