Friday, July 16, 2010

New Nissan X-Trail GT20 6 Speed announced

Japanese car company Nissan Motor Co. (NMC) beautify one variant of Nissan X-Trail SUV. In addition, Nissan also released a new type of X-Trail diesel which is Clean Diesel X-Trail 20GT with the addition of six-speed automatic transmission system.

The exterior of the X-Trail is now more beautiful than ever. There are changes on the front grille, bumper and lights have been redesigned to give the impression of machismo. Sporty impression was also pinned in the car.

Make environmentally friendly issues continue to present the Nissan diesel engine vehicles. With emphasis on diesel engines, Nissan believes that it can reduce air pollution and saving fossil earth, as quoted from the official site of Nissan, Thursday (08/07/2010).

New SUV Nissan X-Trail diesel is more enthralled with LED lights on the front and rear. It was to provide enlightenment on the other riders, especially in conditions of heavy rain.

Both Nissan X-Trail SUV is equipped with an automatic transmission 6
acceleration with the manual shift. According to the plan, the new Nissan X-Trail will be selling the latest version of the upcoming on July 16, 2010, and will be available in the showroom, the showroom of Nissan in Japan.

Nissan X-Trail diesel engine equipped with a capacity of 2000 cc. Problem workers do not doubt. Nissan has accounted for first. Parties claiming Nissan SUV engine power can compete with the new type of diesel engine capacity of 3,500 cc V6 petrol.

All four wheels Nissan X-Trail 20GT will move all or 4X4 4WD. Nissan claims the vehicle is suitable for driving in heavy terrain or offroad once did because, for the special specification is supported.


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