Friday, February 12, 2010

Oddysey Minivan Concept US Only

Damn, have not had time to buy oddyssey 2008 JDM, Honda announced the latest models, but unfortunately this model for the U.S. only.

My comment was the same as that written I also questioned why the Honda pulled out the same product with different designs for different countries too. Is this honda marketing strategy? The answer could be yes. I myself more captivated by Oddyssey JDM black 2008. I assess the design of this concept more Oddyssey strange but there is not a futuristic impression owned by Oddysey previous versions.

Perhaps oddysey size is the same one with the other versions, only design of the front and rear lights and grill are very different. Side glass in the rear seat is also very different from previous versions.

But, in my opinion, expression of this concept Oddysey of the more fierce oddysey version that I like.
Oddysey Minivan Concept US Only
See the gallery concept Oddysey.


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