Monday, February 8, 2010

Are you confused caring for your car ...?

Are you confused caring for your car ...?

If you just pick the car, or the current car you have is your first car and you are still little knowledge about how to care for your car then the following tips you can do.

Vivanews has provided information that, five percent of the causes of damage to the car because of lack of maintenance. Of course, you do not want to be a bad person in the care of your car, right? You also do not want your car suddenly broke down while you are on their way to attend a party invitation only because we were out of oil, right?

For this to not happen, you must have a preventive step. Here are some tips

1. Check all the parts that require liquid. Including brakes, power steering, acceleration, windshield. These parts are the type of 'small but important'. What will happen to you if the brakes do not work when speeding?

2. Check tire pressure. Tire pressure was less able to reduce the efficiency of gasoline. And to prevent it, do it the prevention of this expensive anti at least once a month.

3. Treat the machine especially in the spark plug. This is because when the dirty or damaged, will decrease fuel efficiency by 30 percent.

4. Chassis oiled regularly. This step also prevents damage in addition to extending the vehicle suspension system.

5. Check the batteries to prevent corrosion. Do not forget to clean all these parts when needed. One more thing, the content of the water again when the batteries are much reduced.

6. Check the engine belts regularly. See if there is a broken or missing.

7. Water filtration also not be forgotten. This filter should you check about every time there is change the oil in other parts. The reason is, this is the part that ensures a vehicle in the best condition.

8. One again, the manuals that you have no use. Read and make sure when your vehicle should have service and other treatments.

Good luck!


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