Sunday, July 11, 2010

270 thousand Toyota Lexus recalls

Already two years ago the automotive giant Toyota knowing the type of engine problems Lexus vehicles. However, Toyota had to replace the springs to improve the Lexus engine is not thought the issue two years ago that led to a mass withdrawal of its luxury cars.

"We replaced the spring in August 2008 because he thought the situation which then becomes the issue that will not happen. Even if the small particle accidentally entered during the production process," said a spokesman for Toyota, Hideaki Homma, the Associated Press.

However, complaints from customers increasingly piling up, so Toyota decided that the action they did two years ago did not solve the problem and finally pulled their vehicles.

Starting Monday, Toyota Motor Corp.. began to attract thousands of vehicles, including Lexus models sold in different countries and also the Crown sold in Japan. Approximately 270 thousand vehicles will be repaired.


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