Friday, January 22, 2010

Perform and Price of Vios

Toyota Vios is very well suited for sporty-minded person but still elegant vehicle also for the family. In addition to the most economical sedan car claims than others, Vios in the first year of launch in the rally had accomplished only with very few modifications that need to be done.

As ever written by, Vios only need to modify the air intake channel, The difference between group N regulations and ITCC were as follows:

Group N engine condition must require the factory default, change that can be done is:
- Re-mapped ECU but should be standard factory ECU
- Channels without changing exhaust headers
- Suspension
- Brake pad.

Recently I got news Vios price in 2010. Here is the price of each type of Vios Automotive market in Surabaya as of 1 January 2010:
Vios E Manual = about USD 23,128
Vios G Manual = about USD 24,550
Vios G Automatic = about USD 25,955
Price may not valid for other cities


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