Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hybrid cars and government policy

Hybrid car known as car thrifty and environmentally friendly. This type of car the challenge of energy crisis in the world.

United States as the birthplace of hybrid cars have been mass-producing a variety of tax facilities for fuel-efficient cars are easy to reach consumers. However, in Indonesia, said the other, kind of like to get a car cheaply still dream.

According to Automotive Analysts Bebin Djuana, hybrid car success story can not be separated from the joy of Americans who like cars with big car capacity. When there is a large-engined cars offer a fuel efficient, hybrid car model was directly attacked.

But what happened in Indonesia, a hybrid car like this has got appreciation from the government. Therefore, when this car came into Indonesia would not be bought because hampered the import duty and high taxes.

"If the Americans were able to be bought. But in Indonesia fuel efficient cars, clean exhaust gas entry difficult. If the price went so high," he said.

Should the government, providing a variety of facilities and tax incentives for this type of car. "But it's a different story, the government if there is new stuff, gebuk first! Mikirnya can gimana big tax," which critics also Bebin Djuana Marketing Brand Manager PT. Indomobil Niaga International (IMNI) when talking to vIVAnews, Friday, January 15, 2009.

Bebin not sure, Hybrid cars also can repeat the success story of Hybrid cars in the United States. Given, the government thinking about tax policy which is still of an age old pattern've 30 years ago.

With this condition, so it would be difficult if Indonesia can get a cheap car and fuel efficient. This condition is also exacerbated by government policies that are still considered luxury cars that use large CC and use fourwheel drive.

"Car or large CC fourwheel drives that use fuel efficient if it should be subsidized," said Bebin. Therefore, other countries, is providing subsidies to the automobile fuel efficiency.

Suzuki, Bebin said, had also choose a hybrid type car. "We have a SX4 or Swift type of hybrid. But apparently, this car will not get in here if this is still government policy," lid Bebin.


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