Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brabus E V12 Black Baron

Autoblog @ Sep 13th 2009 -- According Jonathon Ramsey, the more intricate of Brabus' creations is this, the E V12 "Black Baron." Based on the latest E-Class, the dark lord is refitted with a twin turbo, 6.3-liter V12 with 800 hp and an electronically-limited 811 lb-ft (even though the engine actually produces 1,047 lb-ft), a ram-air system and a tuned ECU.

A fully-adjustable suspension and much bigger brakes and tires are equipped on feet. To reach the car's electronically-limited 217 mph top speed, its aerodynamics have been improved at the obvious expense of the car's looks. Unless, of course, you think those wheel spats look good. We don't. If you need to go faster, the car is estimated to be able to hit 230 mph sans the electro-nanny. And it still gets 15 mpg.

There will only be ten of them made, and a single example will require you to hand over €600,000 ($875,000 USD).


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