Monday, January 25, 2010

black list cars 2010 according IIHS

Do you have this car: Chevrolet Aveo and Chrysler PT Cruiser. Those cars are the worst level in the crashing test that have take by IIHS. This test is not only done by the to cars i said, but there are still 2 others that not pass the minimum security for accident.

The two other cars are Cadillac STS and Mercury Grand Marquis. These two cars is belong to the dangerous car 2010.

needs to be notice, on this crash test, all cars are using the 2010 models. So, now you may think and ask a question to yourself, is your car secure?

I hope if I have the oddysey, it's not belong to this black list. And if you already have those cars i said above, i suggest you to change your car soon than you gambling your life and your children.

Source: vivanews (translated)


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