Friday, August 17, 2012

BMW and Toyota Joined To Make Eco-Friendly Cars

As informed by otodetik Toyota and BMW have announced their collaboration to produce Eco-friendly cars. Both manufacturers are also planning to create the electric car following the components such as batteries, fuel cells and super lightweight material.

For BMW cooperation paved the step they produce sub-brand of the BMW i-Series . In London, BMW has made ​​a special showroom, and New York followed.

Reported by AutoWeek, as the beginning of the electric car 4 seats i3 launched in autumn 2013 followed by the i8 hybrid super car in 2014.

Some reports mention a few cars like city car and small van i5 i1 is being developed but not approved due to high cost. Cooperation with Toyota, so much cheaper cost.

Several other cars were soon to follow are
BMW 1 Series in 2015. Series 1 will be redesigned in 2019 or 2012
3 Series ActiveHybrid version will slide autumn 2012. This car features a start / stop feature and the 8-speed automatic transmission.
Spring BMW will launch the Sport Wagon.
Of 2013. 5-door hatchback from the Series 3 will be released with the name of Gran Turismo, or GT. The design is similar to the 5 Series GT.


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