Thursday, May 24, 2012

Toyota Sale Hachi Roku in Indonesia

Toyota irrevocably got the line up of sports cars in Indonesia. Yes not any other than Toyota 86. Toyota will launch the newest car on June 1.

What is the fee range? Toyota previously mentioned fee of these cars will range in fee of the Camry, so it's probably in this area IDR 500-600 million. Inside Japan the car was nicknamed Hachi Roku sold IDR 234 million.

Toyota maintains 86 names in his sports car, although the digit 86 in the minds of the public of Indonesia be inflicted with unenthusiastic connotations.

Toyota did not aspire to exchange their car 86 as it is famous pro legendary racing arena. Equally AE86 produced in the 1980s.

86 itself is a first name used in Japan, some time ago the U.S. Entered the car was twisted into a Scion Fr-S, and in Europe Toyota GT 86.

Here are 86 Toyota specifications:

     Engine: 1998 cc
     Type: Horizontally different four cylinder, preside over injection DOHC
     Maximum power: 200 Ps by 7,000 rpm
     Maximum torque: 205 Nm by 6600 rpm
     Top alacrity around 249 km for every hour
     Fuel consumption is 9.3 km for every liter pro driving in the city. While pro made known of town / highway this same two-engined cars be inflicted with a digit 12.75 km for every liter (test results of the Environmental Protection Agency / U.S. EPA)


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