Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Honda Odyssey JDM

this is the most i loved mini van. and this is the most car i wanted. but i thing it is not more than a car because this is the 7 seater wagon just like Toyota Alphard or Nissan Serena or could be the Mitsubishi Grandis. Suzuki not produce wagon like this as far as I know.

So, look at it design of Oddysey, it got its aerodynamic cases. Its coming with a new style of bumper, complete harmony with Honda’s latest band image, which is actually coming from the FCX. As announced in, I realy agree with its simple lines. Coz this model is in Absolute Version. Not only me, but there are many people that i ask to give their opinion about this car is always said this is simple design but elegan also got into this Fanily car on their first sight.

This just appears like it version before but hit with more soft line and calm. May be if I have much money i will buy this car someday. couse this my lovely car ever i dream.

lets looking at the interior..., Inside of this car is always make me surprised. "I will even go further and say that our Odyssey interior is rough and cheap as well as giving the impression that driver-friendliness was never taken into account… Many aspects of our car’s dashboard are in-elegantly designed, difficult to access to the extent that would bother you while driving, which in my case manifested itself in hurt knees." said

So, I guest if I have this car, I got all the things like it sporty style, luxurious, comfort, and may be i will aleay sleep on this car, forget the bed room each day, hahahaha...!

Oops, left one thing, This car is using the 2.4l DOHC i-VTEC engine that offering 206Ps with a 232Nm of torque and also comes with DBW (Drive by Wire) improving greatly your driving experience.

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